Our Story

You’ve entered a whole new universe: Parenthood. We’re here in this strange and wonderful place together with you, where long, dark sleepless nights make stars twinkle brighter, and countless falls lead to first steps. Here’s where ironies bloom in abundance; it’s exciting and scary, fulfilling and frustrating, and wonderfully bittersweet, all in the same breath (no wonder we inhale coffee).

Ted & Luna’s timeless, modern essentials present effortless solutions to traditional parenting problems. In your hands are beautiful products of heirloom quality that are a dream to use, sparking  joy and creating opportunities for everyday magic with your little ones.

All our products uphold the highest standards so baby can sleep safely and you, soundly.


Our materials, construction and design delivers the best comfort possible, to your little one.


Every detail matters, and every product is designed to fulfill its core purpose as best as possible, with additional features that make using it easier, safer and comfortable.

Looks Great

Designed with timelessness and versatility in mind, our products are of a broad modern aesthetic in both form and function.

It's Safe

Material, treatment, design all emphasize a safety-first approach. Our focus is on natural materials with safe and comfortable properties.

High Quality

Built to feel great and built to last.

Responsibly Made

Products and processes are durable, ethical and sustainable.