We're Earth-Friendly

Ted & Luna strives to be an environmentally and socially conscious brand whose creations and actions are in sync with society’s instinctive need to preserve and conserve, protect and care for, lovingly. For the earth, its people and future generations to come.

Lots of thought and effort went into creating beautiful and sustainable products and experiences for you and your little one. From using sustainable, toxins-free, Earth-friendly materials to minimal, low-waste compostable packaging, here’s how we’re doing it.

Sustainable & Gentle Raw Materials

Bamboo is a naturally replenishing plant that uses ⅓ less water than cotton to grow, and generates 35% more oxygen than an equivalent group of trees. 

The manufacturing process of solvent-free leather consumes little energy and has no toxic and harmful waste-gas or waste-water discharge, meeting the highest international environmental protection requirements for synthetic leather. 

Materials Certified Safe for Infants

Bamboo Jersey and Natural Latex is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified Non-Toxic and Free from harmful chemicals and substances.

Rest assured that our Vegan Leather is safe for infants and children, free from 211 harmful substances, and contains no PVC, as certified by SGS Reach 211 SVHC.

Responsible Packaging

We’re committed to low waste, reusable packaging.

Products come in a drawstring bag that can be reused as a handy pouch, and gift message cards are reusable as decor. 

Our poly-mailers are compostable, we've removed the excess branding collaterals and care instructions / thank you notes come in an email instead.

Responsible Packaging

Help us help you build a greener earth

We’re committed to low waste, reusable packaging.

In our bid to eliminate packaging waste, you will receive your products in our compostable polymailer. For larger items, your product will arrive in cardboard boxes that you can re-use as storage, or dispose of in the big blue recycling bin in your neighbourhood.

There will be no frilly hangtags, care cards or thank you notes attached to your order, we’ve digitised it so check your email or read up on our care guide here!

  • Reusable Packaging

    Reusable Packaging

    All our Bamboo Jersey products and Diaper Changing Mats come in a matching drawstring bag that can be reused as a handy pouch to hold spare clothes, diapers and more.

  • Frameable Message Cards

    Frameable Message Cards

    Lovingly designed, they make great nursery decor too!

  • Compostable & Recyclable Mailers

    Compostable & Recyclable Mailers

    Our Polymailers are compostable, and our Kraft Tapes are made from 100% recycled paper.