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Ted & Luna

Diaper Changing Mat - Curious Grey

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Soft and wonderfully plush diaper mats for an easy and fuss-free quick change of nappies on the go. Delightfully comfy for little bums. Scratch-proof and easily wipeable. 

Featuring an elegant herringbone quilt stitching on plush vegan leather, three roomy pockets to hold essentials and a secure snap button you can easily open and unfold with one hand.  

This Diaper Changing Mat is also available in Sandcastle with Wave Quilting.


Folded: 35x25cm
Unfolded: 35x75cm

100% Solvent-free, Water-based, Child-safe Polyurethane Leather

- Plushly quilted for a padded soft changing spot to support and protect baby no matter the surface.

- Extra long to support diaper changing needs from birth till the child is diaper free

- Three internal pockets to fit diapers, wet wipes and an extra change of clothing, and a snap button to easily open and unfold mat with one hand.

- Wrist handle can be opened with a snap button to double up as holder for teether/pacifier to entertain baby during changes.

- Modern quilting designs and timeless neutral colours to match your personal style.

Each Diaper Change Mat comes in a canvas drawstring bag that can be reused as a handy pouch to hold spare clothes and more.

About our vegan leather

Our Vegan Leather is safe, durable and low-maintenance.

Our Vegan leather is made of water-based, solvent-free PU leather, a synthetic leather made of waterborne polyurethane and does not contain toxic organic solvents. It is the latest replacement product of traditional solvent-based synthetic leather and a product that conforms to the sustainable development of the world.

It was awarded the SGS reach 211 SVHC certification - safe for infants and children, free from 211 harmful substances, contains no PVC.

Our Vegan Leather are thicker and hardier than the standard PU leather or TPU mats in the market - It does not flake easily, has high peeling resistance, high folding resistance, and high abrasion resistance.

Spills? No problem, it wipes clean easily. Vegan Leather can get wet but it is not meant to be hosed down or left to soak for a prolonged time due to the quilted stitching.

Wash & Care Guide

Surface clean only.

Do not scrub.

Do not machine wash, iron, bleach or dry clean.

Do not use harsh detergents, citrus, alcohol, bleach or abrasive cleaners (such as Jif) as they may damage the surface of the mat.

Ensure mat is dry before storing.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

The quilted mats are water-resistant but not entirely water impermeable due to the quilted stitching - Clean any liquid spills promptly with a towel/ rag/ paper towel.


Vegan Leather Care

Our vegan leather is stain-resistant but not stain-proof so avoid permanent markers/pens, acrylic paints or anything with a heavy dye. Be careful with some mineral sunscreens as these may stain. Quickly clean any marks by wiping with a baby wipe, paper towel or a damp cloth with mild soap.

Vegan Leather does crease - the creases will relax over time with use, but will reappear if the mat is folded to store. Creases are a characteristic of vegan leather and not a defect.

Natural Latex Insert Care (For Playmats)

Spot clean natural latex foam with mild soap and water. Your insert should be constantly protected by its cover. If the natural foam is put under direct sunlight or exposed to air for several weeks, it will begin to dry out and become brittle. If your natural foam becomes wet, remove the cover and let the components dry separately indoors.

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Soft & Cushy For Little Tooshies

Luxuriously soft & safe

Buttery soft and plush.

High quality vegan leather

Won’t flake or peel easily.

Wipeable & scratch-proof

Easy to clean, Water resistant.